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About us

We are an independent organiser of trade fairs with high level expertise in the area of events and a good feel for the market. Our goal is to make all our trade fairs a success for both exhibitors and visitors. Our passion consists of a fascination for the remarkable and the extraordinary and for creating highly appealing worlds of experience. In this way we make our trade fairs better and our exhibitors more successful. We cherish inspiration and pursue perfection in all we do.

What we do

We develop extraordinary trade fair concepts and implement them at the highest quality level. The key to our success lies in our attention to detail. We bring people together and bring innovation and diversity to life in an inspiring way: at the premium trade fair "küchenwohntrends" in Munich, the national trade fair "küchenwohntrends" in Salzburg and the "area30" in Ostwestfalen, the order trade fair for the kitchen industry in Europe as well as at "cube30" , the year-round showroom and exhibition center in Ostwestfalen during the orderfair area30. Taking the needs of the exhibitors as our starting point, we design exciting trade fairs for current trends with a special atmosphere, always aiming to exceed visitors’ expectations.

Michael Rambach

Michael Rambach

Founder partner of trendfairs GmbH

A creative thinker responsible for the company’s strategic orientation:

“Networks, intensive communication with exhibitors and visitors, the courage to do something new and pursue our vision – these are the factors that contribute to our success."

Ulrike Rohde

Ulrike Rohde

Managing Director and partner in trendfairs GmbH

Responsible for personnel and finance as well as the operating business:

"Combining different perspectives, exploring new paths and seeing the results: this is what I am passionate about."

Arian Kiesling

Arian Kiesling

Partner in trendfairs GmbH

Responsible for organisation and distribution:

"Each project is unique and receives our undivided attention and commitment to make sure it’s a big success."


"[...] Im Sternenstaub liegt etwas mystisches, magisches, das uns bewegt und berührt. Ein Mensch, der das verinnerlicht hat, ist Michael Rambach, Gesellschafter von Trendfairs, dem Veranstalter der kürzlich zu Ende gegangenen küchenwohntrends in Salzburg. Rambach meinte im Interview auf die Frage, was Trendfairs anders macht als die anderen und worauf es [...]"

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E&W, Ausgabe Juni 2017

"Das Messegeschäft ist härter geworden. Viele Formate verschwinden, manche kämpfen um ihre Existenz, wenige funktionieren. Der Münchener Messeveranstalter trendfairs befindet sich mit seinen Fachmessen küchenwohntrends (München), area30 und mit den küchenwohntrends (Salzburg) in Kombination mit der Möbel Austria, seit Jahren im Aufwind. wohninsider wollte wissen, warum die drei Fachformate von der Branche so gut angenommen werden und sprach dazu mit trendfairs Gesellschafter Michael Rambach. [...]"

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Messen, die funktionieren
wohninsider, Ausgabe Mai 2017

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Are you planning a special exhibition?

Are you planning a specialist trade fair, an industry event or a special show, something off the beaten track? If so, get in touch with us! We will work with you to develop creative ideas, make use of our outstanding network and create for you an attractive and inspiring live platform guaranteed to arouse interest.